Montag, 13. Oktober 2008

Why is it cool to know latin?

The dead language! A weird tongue some silly guys were speaking ages ago who were afraid of the Gallians. The spoken words of a dying religion. The uncomprehensive babbling of some old wise-looking men with long white beards. Now why would anyone care to talk such a language? Well, how about this:

1. To some it might be impressive if one can sing along, let's say all WuTanClan lyrics (impressive indeed!). But how cool is it if you can sing along Mozart's 'Requiem' instead? Now that does not happen all too often presumably. And it's really great lyrics, actually!

2. Mayhem a legend, ey? They might be indeed. But the lyrics of 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' are still just a hypocritical rubbish that doesn't make any sense at all. Really, Mayhem talks a crentus latin, I can tell you. Crel to every Roman's ear...ehm, meant to say cruel of course!

3. You can remember some of the Harry Potter spells much better, if you actually know what they mean. And you can read the book 'Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis'. Coolus!

4. If you think that Killer Whale is already an evil name for the Orca, then try to find out the meaning of his academic name: orcinus orca. To give you a clue: orcus is the name for the place where the dead are dwelling, the underworld.

5. Ha, look at that!! Now we also now why the goth-zine 'Orkus' is called 'Orkus'!

6. Ever thought about what melancholy actually means? The word melancholicus actually also is a latin word, has its origin in the greek language though: mélas means 'black' and cholé is the name of the bile acids (you know, that green-yellowish glibber stuff in your intestines fighting a lonely battle against McDonald's and Donuts). This once used to be the name not for an emotonal status, but for a disease: In the Antics menhood believed the status of depression was caused by black bile acids in your stomach, while they usually should have the already stated colours of yellow and green. If you were 'only' angry on the other side the doctors of the greek empire thought you've had too much of the yet right-coloured acids whirling around in your stomach...then the medical diagnosis stated: You are choleric!
Interesting, isn't it? be continued..for now ego nos absolvo from all this smart-ass talk

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