Samstag, 14. August 2010

What keeps us going..

..are the unspoken laws which tell us:

  • If you fail, try again. Fail better.
  • If the system breaks you, break the system.
  • If only fakeknowledge gets rewarded,  neglect the truth.
  • If money offers life, then without money there is no meaning and without meaning there is no life.
Our Redemption, the way out of our misery, is the wooden Cross which we are willing ourselves to wear until we finally grow into Heaven, where we will hit our Fathers` faces for creating without thinking. Choose Life, they said. Choose Life.  But the more we thought about it the heavier it dwelt on our shoulders; deeper and deeper it carved itself into our flesh, until finally it pierced through and here we are now; impaled into a cloudless dead sky, right into the loving eyes of our crying old men..Now, who failed better?

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