Donnerstag, 4. März 2010

Two guidelines to your intra- and outrapersonal wholeness

To reach your intra-  and outrapersonal wholeness, just pick one of the two following guidelines. Both were provided by two of the greatest thinkers of our modern and postmodern world and both should lead you to a higher cosmic understanding of yourself and your connections to your outer world.

Each guideline is seperated into three chronical steps, which we kindly ask you to follow strictly in the given order.

Guideline no. 1 to your intra- and outrapersonal wholeness, provided by Arthur Schopenhauer:

1. Overcome your principum individuationis
2. Internalize caritas
3. Reach askesis

Guideline no. 2 to your intra- and outrapersonal wholeness, provided by David Foster Wallace:

1. Overcome your omninarcissisitic neediness
2. Internalize empathy
3. Reach freedom

In case there should be questions, ask your local genius/madman for further informations.
We wish you a happy and fulfilled life.

Your Philosophicus Blabicus-Team

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