Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

The greatest moments of my life [or: My Truths]

  • 1995: Writing my first love-poem which expressed what I actually meant and led to katharsis.
  • 1996: Seeing the sea for the first time.Touching eternity. Listening to the truth.
  • 1997: Summerrain. Almost bareskinned with as little clothes as possible on my body, the hot asphalt drowning under my feed, heavy raindrops on my outspread hands, the wish to die, now.
  • 1999: Skipping school to go and strawl in the woods, drinking from a sparkling creek, finding the skull of some animal while a fox stops and stares. Finding a rusty knife laid to my feet, cutting me free from dorny bushes..
  • 1999: Skipping school to go and sit on my favourite log for hours which seem endless, under me the Danube river, listening to music or else singing to myself and the soft swooshing and hissing underneath my dangling feed.
  • 2000: Winternight. Snow. Minusdegrees. I undress in the nearby park until I am all naked and allow the white to grow a bed for me, sofltly melting into its numbness.
  • 2001: My two best friends and me on the top of a hill in a ruin, which is ours. Light my fire, shadowcatching in the dark, Inquisition and the vastness of our misanthropic friendship gleaming in the night
  • 2005: Waking up, my drunk, having sex with a clear nightsky over me and a guy I couldn't remember I liked that much, but who turned out to be just as great as my drunk ingenuity had told me.
  • 2006: My best friend crawling under my skin and leaving me marked, smoothly engraving the eternity of one moment into my flesh where it reminds me of its greatness day after day.
  • 2006: Sweden. No plan, but Love. Great people. Changing clothes in public toilets, never knowing what to do next, searching for love in the crowded streets of Halmstad only to find it in a bloodstained room which released me into freedom.
  • 2006: Another him and the same me discovering that jumping upstairs is much more fun than jumping downstairs.
  • 2007: The sea. My bike. Lonliness. Silence and 760km from Hamburg all the way to Oslo.
  • 2007: The biggest loveencounter of my life in the toilet on the floor with toothpaste still clinging to my lips and all the passion a woman could wish for from a man who knew too much about the destructive power of it.
  • 2008: Reinventing myself in the big blue eyes of a swedish Hobbit, who remains until today my guide to brainfree happiness.
  • 2008: A night full of breaking whiskeyglasses, thickheads and bloodstains on my brain. Meeting yet another person who would teach me that only one point of view is never enough.
  • 2009: Reading this damn fine review in the taz about a book which should change my life forever..
  • 2009: Jumping from a cliff at the italian coastline in front of the eyes of some really good people!
  • 2010: Learning once more while facing the egyptian desert, being surrounded by the eternity of death, that I cannot run away from myself.
  • 2010: Hobobike and me again. Danish coasts deserted. Boiling rice on a gascooker and burning candles in my tent while reading those books..oh, all those books...and feeling those miles in my body, oh, all those miles.
  • 2010: Allowing the truth to prevail and fighting fire with fire, stepping out of reason and experiencing stupid bravery, gaining trust to myself and losing trust to others. Growing into a lonliness which brings me closer to myself than I've ever been before and leads me away from others, who I do not want to follow me anyway.
  • 2010: Finally. I jumped off a swing at the highest point of flight!

And here the list must stop, because the remaining past is still too much today to be ripe enough to be measured compared to a lifetime.

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