Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

If I tell you to step away
You are getting closer
If I ask you not to breathe my air
You force your exhalation into my lungs
If I tell you softly "There is no chance.."
You are taking my whispers as a granting
And when I push you
You think it's a love confession

There is never gonna be a You and Me
So swallow down your soul again
I do not want to see it
Nude, naked, bare
Like a fleshy foetus laid down to my feet
Helpless and vulnerable
With little fists grasping into the air
Which I have nothing to hold on to

Your weakness disgusts me

If I smash your face into a nearby window
You turn your bloody smile upon me
And between your smashed out teeth your tongue says sweetly
"I love you"
And I just want to climb up the wall
And hide in darkest corners
Because you bring out the worst in me

So please just stay away
Or I will have to kill your soul
Over and over and all over again
Until your pride is a shattered mirror
Your self-esteem a rotten empty shell
You are a slave to your obsession
And you burn in the personal hell you have created

But I know
And now I watch you from a distance
Bading in ignorance
Being the queen of stone you are so desperately seeking for

But I wonder
what's that all got to do with me actually....?

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