Dienstag, 2. November 2010


This year on Halloween it was finally time for me to strike one more point off my TIWADOL©-List (Things I Wanna Do in Life): Being a Zombie!
My plan was actually to be one in a splattermovie, but the Zombie Walk flash mob taking place in Berlin was a good practice to start with. And I didn't regret! We must have been around 300 zombies. The dancing zombies group performing a shortcut version for dummies of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" choreography consisted out of a special force of 20-25 superhighskilled and trained Ueberzombies, including me and some of my livingmates, and hell yes, we made those dead limbs dance:

BerlinCityMobber - Zombiewalk 2010 from Sascha Kaliga on Vimeo.

In case you are looking for me, I am the whore who got killed on the toilet while preparing her golden shot, when suddently Stagger Lee appeared kicking in the door aiming to first rape the shortskirted thing, then shoot her and finally slit her tummy! Which he did. So I, the zombieself of the naive doll, wasn't exactly in my best mood waking up there in the toilet looking like shit and having my coke spilled all over the place, my hair and my jacket. In fact I was a bit grumpy....

..even though I was in good company:

But well, as soon as me and my zombiemates were hitting the streets I actually got in a better mood, since I found out being a zombie is not that much different from being a whore: Walking the streets, dancing a bit here and there, biting some strangers in the neck, attacking only men...business is business!

For more pictures klick here  ( Copyright © picturereport.net)

So I'll be back there next year, probably playing a dead Mötley Crüe member or, I don't know, a Stuttgart 21 victim or I'll do the swedish version and pretend to be killed by Lasermannen 2. Hard choice!

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